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Hello, Sloane Perkins here. I am currently working to become an author. With one children's book already published and another hopefully coming soon, I'm trying to add a young adult book to this list before long.

I am also into photography, traditional art, and film making so expect to see some of that as well.

My username is WriterRaven because my favorite animal is the raven and I love to write. My Pokesona is a fusion called Shaylava. Please, though, refer to me as Raven, Janobii, or Noble.

Credit to :iconyoh-an: for the raven woman in the picture and to :iconazure-23: for the Shaylava picture. Credit to the Shaylava gijinka on the left to :iconnioitakonoki: and credit to the Kiosia Marinose picture on the right to :iconfaydflowright:. The Raven Sincock picture on the bottom was drawn by :iconsakohju:. Thanks to all of them for these wonderful pictures that I could never have done myself!
>.> I haven't been tagged in so long oh gosh :iconsakohju:

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2. You must write 13 things about yourself.
3. answer 13 questions and prepare another 13 questions for others 
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7. You must choose 13 people.
8. You can't say You don't do tags. 
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13 Swearwords are not allowed

Thirteen Things About Me:
1. The main story behind why I have never cut my hair is because when I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be Rapunzel. This has resulted in my Kahoot gamer tag at school being Sloanepunzel.

2. My favorite animal is tied between the Sea Otter, the Tiger, and the Raven. The Sea Otter because it was my first ever stuffed animal (though that was actually a seal but shh). The Tiger because that is my Chinese Zodiac as well as the mascot for the local college team. The Raven is a combination of Alice in Wonderland, Edgar Allen Poe, and the fact that a grouping of Ravens is known as a Storytelling of Ravens.

3. I prefer watching TV shows in the language they were originally created in. This usually results in my watching something in another language, but I don't mind this because I pick up a few words along the way that make the waitstaff at the local restaurants really happy when I use these terms.

4. I am better at flirting in Spanish than in English for some odd reason.

5. I have shown to have a talent for politics, as anything involving government I tend to just show up and win an award. 

6. Currently my favorite book is Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. However, my favorite book series is the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. I'm a huge fantasy fan.

7. When I was a little younger than two years old, I was dropped down a flight of stairs. The doctors said I was fine at the time. As the years have gone on, I've been hit in the head more times than I can count but somehow I never have had a recorded concussion. Doctors seem to think that all of this has led to my having head trauma, which explains my ever fading memory.

8. One time I attended Dragoncon completely by accident. My parents and I travelled down for a football game and it turned out the hotel we were in was one of the host hotels for Dragoncon. It was great and, while I didn't get to do much, it has made me want to return for years to come.

9. I have seen a movie being filmed before. Once again, my parents and I went to Atlanta for a football game. Sadly this was after Dragoncon, but, a movie was being filmed nearby. My parents and I were walking back from dinner when we stumbled upon it. My dad ended up going back to the hotel and my mom and I stayed for as long as we could. Some guys there actually offered to let us stay in one of the warmer part of the sets and let us watch if anything was going to be done but my mom and I had to leave because of the football game the next day. We figured out what movie it was and spent the entire movie looking for the distinct Chinese lanterns. It ended up being the final scene of Antman and is the sole reason that it's my favorite Marvel movie.

10. I tend to get sucked into fandoms very easily, even if I have zero intention on ever watching the show. Supernatural is probably the best example of this.

11. Super Smash Bros is my favorite video gaming franchise because it was how I grew close to my cousins. It was the first game I ever played. My cousins and I used to duke it out on the Nintendo 64 and it allowed me to become very close to them.

12. I'm actually a very manipulative person. When I was a kid I used to make my younger cousins do whatever I said versus listening to their suggestions. Nowadays I've reigned in my manipulativeness and have tried to stop, but if I become really upset I tend to lose control over how manipulative I am.

13. Children's books are probably the best form of literature for me to publish since I have the attention span of a squirrel and can never stick with something long enough to complete it.

Question Time!
1. Chocolate and jalapeno! Yay or nay?
Given both those articles disgust me and I'm allergic to chocolate, nay.
2. Dragons or unicorns?
Unicorns, duh. They're the manliest of animals.
3. Name an item on your bucketlist.
Get kicked out of 365 Walmarts. I've already gotten kicked out of 14.
4. Do you have a favorite plant? If so, what plant?
Favorite plant? Mm… kind of. I really like the plant Lamb's Ear. My school used to grow it everywhere and it was really soft.
5. Favorite school subject?
English and History. Two easiest subjects for me.
6. Zombie apocalypse! What would you do?
Find my friends who know how to handle this. I'd probably be the first to die though. XD
7. Would you play hyakumonogatari kaidankai? (in short, an ancient Japanese game where people sit in a dark room lit by 100 candles and tell stories about the strange and supernatural and extinguish one candle after each story until all 100 are out and supposedly a real yokai appears. Most gatherings concluded after 99, too afraid to find out what comes after 100.)
I'd have to be tied to a chair but let's go for it!
8. Do you play any sports?
Up until this school year, I was a basketball player. I was then told by my physical trainers that my knee couldn't take the pressure anymore and either had to quit sports or change sports. I ended up switching to the Spirit Squad for cheerleading, and while that in itself was not much of a sport (I literally attended maybe five practices throughout the entire season), I can say that the Competitive Squad totally qualified as a sport. They did more conditioning than the football players. They would spend an hour every day of the week except Saturday (yes that means Sunday through Friday) solely for running. They'd take over the track, the gym, the actual stadium, wherever, and do an hour of a bunch of running drills. And if you didn't finish within a certain amount of time, you had to do every single drill again. Every. Single. Drill. Then they spent another hour and a half in the weight room lifting barbells, jumping blocks, pumping iron, etc, almost nonstop. They got one water break per those two and a half hours. The football players spent a grand total of an hour and half for conditioning three days out of the week. So next time you say cheerleading isn't a sport, consider that.
9. Favorite fictional character? Or name just one or a few, 'cause I know what it's like to have a lot. XD
Okay, I'm dividing this into a few subcategories:
A) Book: Right now, Magnus from the Falling Kingdoms series. He's more of an antihero than anything else, but he's shown the most character development of anyone in the series and I absolutely love it.
B) Video Game: Elita from Pokemon Ranger. I don't really have a good reason for this other than I love her outfit and it reminds of something out of Assassin's Creed. However, she also has shown herself to be a really level headed person and I felt it was a shame she never really got much development throughout the franchise since I felt a lot more could be done with her.
TV Show: Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverley Place. I still tape this show when it comes on at like midnight. It was a show I grew up with and Alex was by far my favorite character. She influenced me in ways I will never understand, but I loved her and to this day she's still my favorite Disney character.
Anime: Yes, I'm putting this in a separate category. Right now, probably Chiba from Assassination Classroom. His character hasn't been elaborated on much at all, but he looks really cool and is a sniper, which is fine by me.
10. Favorite season?
11. Favorite color?
12. Do you read web comics? If so, which is your favorite?
Why yes, yes I do. Mm… I don't know. If we're going original ideas, I'd say Arco right now because OH MY GOSH THEY NEED TO KISS OR IT IS GOING TO KILL ME. As for unoriginal or Fanfiction, probably PMD: Victory Fire. I've been following this comic for what feels like years now and the story is constantly adapting with Pokemon as a franchise. I mean, the author even implemented Hoopa as a possible future major character way late into the story and has hinted at Mega Evolution possibly being implemented. Obviously when they originally started the comic this was not their intention and I really respect that.
13. You're the Chosen One! What now? What type of greatness are you destined for?
Does this mean I get to skip school? Yes? I'M IN!! I'm destined to be… I don't know the founder of a multiverse system. Oh wait, I technically already am. XD

I'm too lazy to tag people or write questions but this was fun to do.
  • Reading: The Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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